Eliminate H2S
Eliminate Iron Sulfide
Eliminate Hydrocarbon
Quick Vessel Entry
100% Biodegradable

Process Details - Using VaporAde Plus Foam

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Chokes Off The Risk Associated With Gas & Vapors
What It Does
When we combine water, foam and air we create a powerful and reliable answer to the risks associated with dangerous vapors and gases. With the vapors and gases rendered inert the tank or treater can be cleaned and returned to service in a matter of hours. Compared to conventional methods of vapor and gas elimination this quick turnaround time means substantial savings to your Company and the risk to human life is virtually eliminated.
How It Works
The Foam carries a positive charge that attracts and captures the negative charges in dangerous vapors and gases, changing their chemical structure. The change is permanent. Instead of masking the odor or releasing it into the atmosphere, the Foam locks itself onto the vapor, producing a non-explosive, nonflammable substance.

Red Knight Suppression

Tank & Vessel Vapor Suppression
Increased Safety
Reduced Downtime
is a
Winning Combination
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